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Schwyzertütsch 1 / Schweizerdeutsch 1FFocus CoursesB1,B2,C1Di18:35 - 20:0510 x 1,5 hMinimax. 6 Teilnehmer
In einer Minigruppe können Ihre persönlichen Prioritäten berücksichtigt werden. Der Fokus liegt auf dem Sprechen.
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Flexibility and individual attention guaranteed!

One-to-one training is the ideal form of language tuition if you have very specific needs, very limited time or you require flexibility. With one-to-one training, you get maximum flexibility. You can meet 1 to 6 times a week, in your office, at home or at TLC. Content and tuition are customized to suit your needs so you really do make faster progress. 

Two-to-one training is a more economical option and is also efficient if you both have similar goals and level.

A1-B1: General, Business, Technical or Exam Preparation
CHF 110.- per 60 minutes One-to-one
           CHF 130.- per 60 minutes Two-to-one

B2-C2: General, Business, Technical or Exam Preparation
CHF 125.- per minutes One-to-one
            CHF 140.- per 60 minutes Two-to-one

Specialized language or writing training
 CHF 140.- per 60 minutes One-to-one

Editing / Coaching
This is the ideal training if you need to write a lot for work. You can send your text to be corrected by your trainer within the time you agree, eg. 24 hours. So that you really learn to write better, we follow up with coaching either personally or e-mail or Skype.

Presentation or Interview Practice
Do you have an important presentation coming up and you would like to rehearse it with a trainer, make sure all your slides are correct and practice answering questions from the audience?

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