Spanish DELE at TLC

TLC Sprachschule has been the examination center for Instituto Cervantes since 2006. External as well as our internal candidates have the opportunity to complete their Spanish studies with an international diploma. The DELE exams are offered at various levels in July. Registration You must register for the exams by the registration deadline. The following documents are required for a valid registration: - Registration form (can be requested from us) - Photocopy of an identity document with photo containing the following information: Identity, nationality, place and date of birth. The information provided by the candidate on the registration form must be the same as on the ID card. - Confirmation of payment of the registration fees (copy of the receipt/"e-banking" confirmation of payment), reason for payment "DELE Cervantes". For payments from Switzerland and abroad you will find all details here: IBAN: CH39 0900 0000 6075 4740 1 BiC: POFICHBEXXXXX Payment currency: CHF Once you have registered, you will be sent by post a stamped copy of your registration form with the code assigned to you, as well as the official examination report with the location, date and time of the examination.

Prices and exam date

Exam fee: Diploma de Español Nivel A2 - CHF 250.00 Diploma Inicial de Español Nivel B1 - CHF 295.00 Diploma Intermedio Nivel B2 - CHF 335.00 Diploma de Español Nivel C1 - CHF 380.00

exam date 2020

  • Friday, 10 July 2020Registration deadline: 13 November 2019 till 08 May 2020