English A2 (part 1 of 3)

Course description

The first stage has been mastered: You have already learned the basics and can now extend your knowledge and skills in the English A2 course. You will build up your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and learn to communicate more naturally in everyday situations. Hours required for completion of level: 120 hours Prerequisites: Completion of A1 level or placement test result at A2 level

Learning targets

  • listeningunderstand common phrases and vocabulary, e.g. basic personal information, employment, simple messages and announcements
  • readingread short, simple texts, e.g. advertisements, brochures and timetables
  • speakingcommunicate in simple and routine situations
  • writingshort, simple notes and personal messages

What our customers have to say about us

TLC is very profesional and progressiv :-)
The course was very useful to me. It was a pleasure to be part of this course.
I am really happy with the class and the school and of course with my teacher. They are so passionate. I would recommend this school.


Choreanne Frei

Academic Manager & English Teacher

QualificationsCELTA, SVEB 1, IH CAM, IH COLT, BA Hons in ELT, LCCI Cert. TEB, Cert IBET, Delta Modul 1, Delta Modul 2
Spoken languagesEnglish, Swiss German, German, French
Heather Johnson

English Teacher
OriginUnited Kingdom

QualificationsCELTA, BSc Environmental Biology
Spoken languagesEnglish, German

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