German C2 incl. exam preperation

Course description

The details count: This German C2 course focuses on the finer details of the German language. By the end of the level your proficiency in German will be enhanced even further and you will feel more confident in expressing yourself fully, similar to the level of native speakers. Hours required for completion of level: 160 hours Prerequisites: Completion of C1 level or placement test result at C2 level

    What our customers have to say about us

    TLC is very profesional and progressiv :-)
    The course was very useful to me. It was a pleasure to be part of this course.
    I am really happy with the class and the school and of course with my teacher. They are so passionate. I would recommend this school.


    Elke Reuter

    German Teacher

    QualificationsMagister in Germanistik und Romanistik, Lehrerfortbildnerin, Autorin von Goethe-Prüfungen, Prüferin am Goethe-Prüfzentrum
    Spoken languagesEnglish, Spanish, German

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