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TLC inside - Il carnevale di Venezia

Irene has been teaching for us as an Italian course instructor for four years and shares with us why il carnevale di Venezia means that much for her!

Il carnevale di Venezia is a magic moment for me. Tradition meets modernity and the Venitian Calli are full of traditional masks and modern ones. When I was a child every CAMPO had street performances and music was everywhere.

Carnival meant many things for me but above all it meant FRITTELLE. Nowadays we can buy strawberiies anytime of the year but frittelle veneziane are made only in Venice and only during carnival time. The original recipe can be seen in BIBLIOTECA NAZIONALE CANATESE in Rome and it date1350!! They are very special and I am very happy to share this recipe with you. Rember: carnival time only!

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Written byIrene Zambon