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TLC inside - Advent in Switzerland

Stephanie has been working in administration for us for over ten years. She loves the Advent season! All the fine scents, the decoration, the sweets, the lights outside and inside... and there is so much more!

Here's what Stephanie appreciates about the Advent season: "In the village where I live, it is a tradition that every evening during Advent a different family presents their "window", with or without a drink. What I like most about it is that you take the time to create these windows and then share them with friends from the village. Often, such a drink is followed by either a hot soup, mulled wine, Chrömli or gingerbread. Which brings us to my favourite recipe! For me, the Advent season includes gingerbread as well as the four candles on the Advent arrangement. I got my recipe from my mummy, who in turn got it from her mother. I wish everyone a lot of fun baking and of course eating!

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Written byStephanie van Toorn