TLC Private lessons

Challenging and efficient

One-to-one or two-to-one lessons are ideal for maximal learning progress. Benefit from a language course that is precisely tailored to your linguistic strengths and weaknesses– and which allows for maximum flexibility concerning content, course time, frequency and location. Lessons can take place either in your company or in TLC Sprachschule. We can schedule up to 6 lessons per week. Private lessons are divided into three different price categories: 1. A1 - B1: Standard, Business, Technical or Exam preparation 2. B2 - C2: Standard, Business, Technical or Exam preparation 3. Highly specialized or Writing training

Example focus:

  • PresentationsCoaching for a specific presentation or general confidence building.
  • MeetingsPractice making your meetings more efficient.
  • NegotiatingDevelop your skills for attentive and effective negotiating.
  • E-mails and report writingPractice using the appropriate vocabulary, word order and register.