Exams at TLC

Obtaining official language certificates

Are you interested in an officially recognised language certificate? Do you want to improve your chances on the job market? We offer language examinations in different languages here on our premises.

telc exams German

In most Swiss cantons, telc certificates are recognised and accepted for naturalisation or visa purposes.

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Goethe-Test PRO German

The Goethe-Test PRO is suitable for people who want to test their German quickly and easily on the computer. The result can be printed out and used immediately after completion of the test.

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Linguaskill English

Linguaskill is a fast and convenient online test that tests all four skills quickly and accurately: reading, listening, writing and speaking. Linguaskill is suitable for both companies and individuals.

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DELE exam Spanish

TLC Sprachschule has been the examination center for Instituto Cervantes since 2006. External as well as our internal candidates have the opportunity to complete their Spanish studies with an international diploma. The DELE exams are offered at various levels in July.

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