Workshop: Foundation modules: Workshop Phonetics / Pronunciation Training and Voice in DaF / DaZ Lessons

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"Phonetics? Maybe I'll do that in the end, if I still have time..." Both teachers and learners alike are prone to this thought. Phonetics is not like make-up that can be applied the learned linguistic competences at the very end, but is a basic building block of German language teaching in its complexity, and on par with grammar, vocabulary and regional and cultural studies. Pronunciation training and the associated bodywork is an unexpectedly effective profound key to (second) language acquisition, but is often completely ignored. In this workshop on phonetics / pronunciation training, both theory and foundations of phonetics, as well as the practical implementation thereof and use of the body and voice will be covered. Together we will try to answer the following questions: ● What role should pronunciation training / phonetics play in teaching and why? ● What phonetic phenomena are there in German and how do they differ from other languages? ● What specific difficulties do my learners have and what consequences could this have? ● How can I make the learners aware of this and how can I bring the target sounds closer to them? ● How can I reduce my own inhibitions and those of the learners, and motivate my learners? ● What methods can I use? What role does the body play? ● What could a progression look like? ● How can I integrate phonetics in lessons? ● How can I handle my potential / my own voice in a meaningful way?

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    I found the CELTA course at TLC Baden to be very professional and would recommend anyone to attend courses there.
    I. Stewart
    CELTA student, 30 Nov 2016
    It was an intensive but nevertheless extremely rewarding experience. Support from my tutors left nothing to be desired, as far as the promptness with which it was provided to me and its quality are concerned. Moreover, without their help, I don't think I would have been able to benefit as much as I did from the course.
    D. Leal
    CELTA student, 29 Nov 2017
    I am glad I did the course. I find that it is difficult to achieve a B even with good results.
    CELTA student, 06 Dec 2017


    Anja Karen Kölling

    Teacher Trainer

    Qualificationszertifizierte Stimm- und Aussprachetrainerin (telc), Germanistik und Psychologie Studium, DaF, Studium der Angewandte Literaturwissenschaft und Theaterwissenschaft
    Spoken languagesEnglish, Portuguese, German, Italian

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