TLC Sprachschule Zurich-Baden

10 languages, 1 language school for ambitious learners

TLC Sprachschule has been at home in Baden since 1988 when we began as the ABB Sprachschule. Since then we have taught in over 150 companies in Northwest Switzerland including the Greater Zürich area. Under the current name TLC Sprachschule, International House Zurich-Baden, our concept remains clear and unchanged: to teach languages with the highest level of quality. What does that entail? An inspiring atmosphere, a manageable number of participants in the classroom, and of course, human beings: you and our teachers. You will feel your needs are always in focus, and experience how our teachers inspire and motivate you. Our native speaker teachers use the latest pedagogic and didactic methods to focus on helping you learn the language efficiently, practically and for the long term. Learning languages is a people business. Your TLC Sprachschule.

Our Teaching style

Our teaching methods and style are designed to focus on your success. They are based on the following principles: People learn faster and more effectively when taught - almost - exclusively in the target language. We teach languages using a wide variety of methods to meet the needs of the students' different learning styles, experiences and preferences. Practicing using new language in realistic activities -learning by doing - means the learning is more relevant. Our teaching is student-centred and we ensure that each student gets the maximum of active practice, as our groups are small and we include pair or small group activities. We have a philosophy of Life Long Learning at TLC and support our staff in this. This is part of staying mentally fit, motivated and interested.

Our Team

Your success is our goal. Our teachers are passionate about teaching and measure their success by how well you do. We employ highly qualified language teachers who are up-to-date with the latest teaching skills and knowledge. Our teachers teach in their native language and bring the culture of their country closer to you. They love working with people and know how to motivate.

Choreanne Frei
Corina Willi
Iris Bandalo
Karunya Kaneswaran
Wendy Germann
Nancie Gantenbein
Ramona Geschwind
Mirjam Betschmann

Quality certifications

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Founded in 1953, International House is a global network of over 160 affiliated private language schools in 52 countries, spanning every continent. International House’s robust quality management system focuses on helping schools deliver a great learning experience for their clients, and professional experience for their staff.

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Eaquals fosters excellence in language education. We are experts in quality assurance, academic management, teacher development and the CEFR. We work to benefit language education worldwide. Our members pursue the highest standards.

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eduQua is the first Swiss quality label that is tailored to training providers. The organisation promotes transparency and comparability of continuing education for the benefit of consumers and helps to ensure the quality of continuing education programmes in Switzerland.

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Cambridge English exams are recognized by more than 20,000 universities, employers and governments worldwide. At the tertiary level, they serve as proof of the required level of English proficiency, for example for teacher training and at universities such as the ETH and the University of St. Gallen.

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SVEB represents at national level the concerns of people continuing education and stands for quality, professionalism and transparency. We are committed to providing equal access to further education. We network and keep our members informed.

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Language examinations and further training have been our main focus for almost 50 years. telc stands for The European Language Certificates. We offer language tests based on international standards: fair, transparent and reliable.