Experienced students working for your child

School can be quite stressful at times. Even though you work hard and try your best, your grades don't seem to get any better. Despite additional explaining by both teachers and parents you still seem to stay stuck.

That is where tutoring comes into play. You can get a whole new perspective that isn't related to school or family. The tutor helps you do your homework and helps you prepare for upcoming exams.

Don't be misled: private lessons do not lighten your workload; on the contrary, you will actually be doing more work, which will pay off once the report card comes home. Our goal is to support you now so that at some point you can take on your schoolwork without any help from others.

The tutoring team, supported by TLC, offers support in the following subjects for students of all ages:Math, Physics, Chemistry, English, French, German, Italian, Economics, Law, Accounting, Geography, Biology and History.

We are a team of experienced students working for your child. Our goal is to help your child reach his school goals.

We offer all tutoring classes as private one-on-one training or group training (max. 6 students). The lessons will either take place in the quiet classrooms of TLC (1 minute from the Baden's train station), in your home or at the student's school.

Why tutoring

Quality: Thanks to many years of experience, we know we can guarantee the quality of our tutoring. New tutors joining our team are instructed according to our successful methods, ensuring that your child receives the required assistance. We fill out a journal after every lesson where we note what was covered and where the student rates his satisfaction with the lesson.

Study environment: We offer quiet and distraction-free classrooms, conveniently located in the center of Baden.

Flexibility: Whether it's the duration, time or location of a lesson, our goal is to meet every individual customer request. If a teacher can't make it to a lesson, we guarantee a replacement.

Price: You can't find the service we offer around Baden for a price as low as ours. Our prices for private lessons (60 min):

  • Primary and Middle School CHF 45.-
  • Kanti/FMS/WMS/IMS/BM CHF 55.-
  • Group prices on request.

Young: Since we are all still students, our learners find it easier to identify with us, which results in a better learning atmosphere.

Two types of tutoring

  • Homework supportHere we arrange to meet the student on a regular basis and help him with his homework. We either focus on one subject or, if necessary, alternate between several subjects.
  • Exam preparationHere we help the student prepare for exams. Whether it's an ordinary, qualifying or final exam we will make sure the student is completely prepared. The success can be increased with several lessons a week or longer lessons.